1984 Hugo Slate Simulator

An Android App is available at the play store. 1984 had a quarter of the 2015 ballots, and an eighth as many as 2016, so you may want to adjust your assumed slate size accordingly. 100% slate discipline creates tie breaking anomalies with EPH and EPH+.

Which method to use
Current four and six EPH EPH + 4 and 6 EPH+
Use Highlander slate elimination
number of finalists. Modify for longlists.
Slates to add to ballot box >
Rabid Puppies   Slate Discipline %
Sad Puppies   Slate Discipline %
Lady Business Jody   Slate Discipline %
Dribble of Ink   Slate Discipline %
Bullet Slate   Slate Discipline %
Griefer Split Slate   Slate Discipline %   split   ways